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influence of the music video

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For as long as I have known, artists and musicians promote themselves and their music in many outlets. They turn to music videos to promote sales of a particular single. Concert tours are put together and tickets are sold, so the artist can perform the new album they just released. Also at concerts, merchandise such as tee-shirts and hats are sold with the artists name or album cover printed on the front. Artist sell themselves to the fans, they sell not just their music but an image. The way they dress, talk, carry themselves, are all being delivered to their fans. Fans that idolize and copy these artists. This is what is really being sold; it is the idea of “being” this artist or relating to them. Andrew Goodwin discusses the idea that, success in the pop industry relies on the packaging of the artists.

The creation and success of the music video in the 80s lead to the formation of television programs designated solely to broadcast music videos. Goodwin states, “… it is clear that music television very precisely addressed two trends in the 1980s: the aging of the rock audience and the growth (at least in the United States) of a youth culture that was not centered on music.”

The introduction of the music video reiterates the notion that artists now focus on selling their image and not just their music. They have come to realize the important business opportunities of selling their image. Once they gain a fan base through their music and image, these artists are then asked to be the “face” for the new running shoe Nike is coming out with, or they can even create their own brand.

As we can see, an artist’s image can always be taken to a new level. To think, the creation of music videos influenced this business of creating and maintaining someone’s image and using it to sell music as well as products.

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  • I agree that the artists are focused on their image more so than their music with the exception of a few artists like Taylor Swift. But for the most part, image is a very important aspect of a musician’s career.

    Music videos these days can either make or break who the artist is. I feel that many are branching out into different aspects of music videos that have never been attempted before like adding actual themes that convey to the lyrics as closely as possible. There are videos which pushed the boundary like Lady Gaga.

    I wonder if Lady Gaga is thinking on having her own video game with her music in it…that would be crazy!

  • There are always new levels to be taken to. Videos are a way of expressing your self and the video has surely changed. The new technologies and the new things we can do with green screens and where you can be and who you are and what you can incorporate into a video has really revolutionized the final product. Videos such as Chris Brown’s Transform Ya or Lady Gaga’s and Beyonce Telephone which are both out of this world and crazy videos really tell us about who they are as an artist

  • Artists do use music videos to market themselves and to craft their image. I think music videos let you see how the artist is whether they are original or trying to hard to be noticed. Sometimes it just there to take away the fact that the artist cannot sing but they have a pretty/handsome face, they have good fashion sence or just there to teach you dance moves (souljah boy, cali district ect.). Music videos have its positive and negatives and it intertwines between the artist and its fans.

  • It’s funny beacuse music videos are still being made but they barely get any airplay to tv anymore. I miss seeing videos play at all times of day and not just early in the morning. With all the new technology and programs artists have the ability to make new and innovative videos. I think of Kanye West and the mini movie he recently made. It would be amazing to see that aired on tv instead of having music station rerun reality programs all day long. And in terms of image. It’s probably the driving force behind many of the mainstream artists today. Lady Gaga is a great example of this. Without her crazy antics I feel as though she’s go unnoticed. I actually think she’s talented compared to others in the industry nowadays and she knows how to gain attention. I think her image drives her fans to want to know more about her and know who the person is behind the image.

  • I believe that the music industry is heavily relying on image to sell their product. They are not interested in what the people want to hear, they are telling you what you should hear. It is amazing how hard it is to find music anymore. I feel like the only way to discover new artists is to tune into a show and wait for the credits to get the name of a band you just heard. Forget MTV…they are soley focused on marking to a demographic of 12-23 year olds and what they show on video channels is what will make them money.

    Originally MTV was made for the older audiences and youth culture. Once they realized they can promote to an even younger age group, without having to deal with the costs of making music videos, they formed a station of reality programming-extremely cheap to produce and appealing to the teen and tween audience.

    It is no longer about the music. It is about the image, as you have stated. Turn on MTV and within a half an hour, you will see some sort of cross marketing campaign. If I have to hear about the “T-mobile’s sidekick” used on The Challenge: Cutthroat one more time….

    But, my point is-artists are no longer relying on music videos to promote their image. I feel they depend on promoting in tv shows, video games, online websites, or other forms of media. Mostly because music videos are outdated in my opinion. Media that incorporates music is the new “video.”

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