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Rock n’ Roll

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Independent record labels were not afraid to record and produce new waves of music. The artist they recorded broke away from the norm combining sounds and rhythm from multiple genres of music. With this they invented a new wave of music called Rock n’ Roll. Rock n’ Roll was and still proves to be one of the most popular and influential fusion of music genres.

While the major record companies failed to notice the new forms of music being created post war, the independent companies were recording all types of music that did not fit the mainstream.

I get the impression that recording with an independent label was of better interest for an artist. They didn’t have to sell nearly as many records to turn a profit, as they would have with major labels. Similar to today, Millard explains that the independent labels take the risk of recording new music and than the major companies swoop in later to cash in on the new wave.

Why do people strive so hard to sign with a major label when they are just going to try and change their image and music? Major labels make artist change their lyrics, claiming that they will be more acceptable to the public. Yet isn’t it their originality in style and lyrics making them popular to begin with? Why is it always the focus of the major labels to mold the artist into what they think the public wants?

I think that the major labels need to stop producing these pre-molded acts and allow the artists to be true to themselves and their music.

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  •   Marya Tambawala
    October 24th, 2010 at 11:53 am

    I agree. Unfortunately, major labels are profit-driven and want to produce the type of artist they know the public will like; they don’t want to take a risk that will cost them money. The artists are put in a difficult position: stay indie and reach a smaller audience or sign with a major label and risk losing their individual style to reach a wider audience.

  • Unlike most record labels the independant ones were courageous enough to take a shot at something new.Even though this was covering new ground if the record label and the musicians ascend and become successful, they will be the ones seeing the largest return in profits.

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