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Final paper proposal/outline

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Indie vs. Mainstream Music; How the Internet has been a major influence to the success of the Independent Music Industry.

I. Introduction
a. Definition of Indie
b. Definition of Mainstream

II. Indie vs. Major Labels
a. Contracts
i. How money is divided
ii. Process of being represented
b. Creative differences
i. Creating music from your heat
ii. Performing pre-molded music
c. Production differences
i. Studio production
ii. Do-it-yourself production
d. Promotion/performance differences
i. Major label promotions – tours
ii. Shows, word of mouth, distribution of merchandise

e. When indie artists move to mainstream

i. Risks

III. The use of the internet in the music industry
a. For a while mainly used to download mainstream music
i. Itunes, napster, limewire
b. Has become one of the most used outlets for Indie musicians to share their music
i. Facebook, myspace
ii. Allows for musicians to get their music out to the public without the need of a manager, or label.
iii. Creates a fan base, allows fans to follow bands, find shows, listen to music, possibly buy merchandise,

IV. Conclusion
a. Sum up major differences between Indie and Mainstream
b. Sum up advantages of the Indie scene and the internet

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